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The Kendall Square Association is thrilled to present the 2023 Kendall Square Challenge! The Challenge is a signature KSA event providing the opportunity to connect with neighbors in Kendall Square and support the broader Cambridge community. 

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This event provides an unparalleled day of team building and reconnecting with the Kendall Square and greater Cambridge community. Teams spend an afternoon completing a series of fun and engaging missions across Kendall Square in support of eight local nonprofits. The day culminates in a festive, food-filled celebration. We will present checks to our nonprofit partners and award the Kendall Cup to the first place finisher. Join us for friendly competition, team building and philanthropy. 

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The Kendall Square Association (KSA) was founded fifteen years ago by a group of leaders who understood the power of connectivity and proximity. The Kendall community is purpose-driven and united in its commitment to improving the human condition. The KSA supports and connects the Kendall community so that, together, we build a better future for all of us by inspiring ingenuity, advancing global health, and nurturing authentic connections to address our common challenges.  

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